How to choose the yoga legging material

Different characteristics of yoga clothing fabrics

Several common yoga clothing fabrics on the market;
1. Cotton: Cotton is a common fabric that has multiple advantages such as hygroscopicity, warmth retention, heat resistance, antisepsis and hygiene. Pure cotton usually has good moisture absorption and heat resistance, and is comfortable to wear. But it is also easy to deform. If you wear pure cotton clothing during exercise, it may deform. At the same time, cotton absorbs water well but does not dry easily.
2.Polyester: Polyester fabric is a common synthetic fiber fabric that has the advantages of anti-wrinkle and shape retention. It is very suitable for outdoor products such as coats, bags and tents. However, it has poor hygroscopicity, is prone to stuffiness and static electricity, and is prone to dust. However, the good news is that it is easy to clean and dries quickly, has almost no loss of wet strength, is not easily deformed, and is comfortable to wear. However, it should be noted that since it is a synthetic fiber product, it may pill after long-term use.
3. Nylon: Nylon fabric has the best wear resistance, many times more than other fibers, and has excellent durability. It has good moisture absorption and is more comfortable than polyester clothing. Good elasticity and recovery, easy to deform. Highly self-extinguishing, non-toxic and odorless, good weather resistance, not easily eroded by organisms, antibacterial and mildew proof. However, nylon fabric has weak resistance to heat and light, so you need to pay attention to washing and maintenance when using it to avoid damage.
4.Spandex: Also known as polyester fiber, it has excellent elasticity and can be stretched 5-8 times. Therefore, it has become the main material for the production of swimsuits, sportswear tights, stretch pants, etc. There will be no obvious sense of oppression when worn. . Spandex fabric feels soft, smooth and comfortable, has good comfort after wearing, and can fit the body curve. However, spandex has poor hygroscopicity and cannot absorb water. Once wet, it is difficult to dry quickly. Clothes cannot be made alone and often need to be combined with other fabrics to obtain better comfort and elasticity.

As long as you sweat during exercise, it is not recommended to buy cotton fitness clothes. Cotton fitness clothes are very comfortable on the upper body. They have strong sweat-absorbing ability but poor sweat-discharging ability. After sweating a lot, it is all absorbed by the clothes and sticks to the body in a sticky manner, which is uncomfortable just thinking about it. Fitness clothes on the market today are basically polyester + nylon or nylon + spandex blended materials. The latter combines quick-drying and elasticity and is the more recommended fabric type.

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