How to wash and care your yoga pants

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before tossing pants in the washing machine. Some yoga pants made of bamboo or modal may be gentle and require hand washing.

Here are some cleaning rules that apply to a variety of situations.

1. Wash your yoga pants in cold water. It prevents fading, shrinkage and fabric breakage. Do not use a dryer as it will weaken the material life. Yoga pants need to be left to dry.

2. Wash yoga pants made of natural materials from the inside out again. This will reduce friction with other clothing. Avoid jeans and other irritating fabrics.

3. Avoid using fabric softeners – especially with synthetic pants. It will make your yoga pants softer, but the chemicals in the softener will make the material less absorbent and hinder breathability.

4. Choose high-quality laundry detergent. Synthetic fabrics, in particular, are prone to smelling bad after sweating during exercise, and ordinary detergents often won’t help. No amount of powder thrown into the washing machine will have any effect. On the contrary, if rinsed improperly, residual detergent will block odors inside the fabric and even cause skin allergies.

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