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From 2006, when I graduated from school, become a salesperson in a fabric manufactures.to learn the yarn count, to feel the fabric density, to distinguish the process parameters of weaving machine, to know the post-finishing process. Finally I know the fabric material’s difference for the feeling touch and appearance. Rome was not built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour. Weaving is made up of threads bit by bit.

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Entering apparel business

In 2010,some customer want to customized fabric to support their business on Tmall etc online business, we find that good material eco-friendly, butter soft touching, matching dress scene characteristic perform better online business. In order to adapt customer’s requirements, we notice to develop the new material for clothing.

Service our clients

Rome was not built in a day, but destruction happens overnight. The apparel fashion changed every minutes, Only rapid response can be successful. Online business extremely strict on quality control, our experience cultivated our habit of attaching importance to quality.
If you want to start the business but don’t know the fabric difference and performance, own unique design but hard to achieve. We can help you to customize your clothes rapidly. Please contact with us.

Developing international adaptive clothing

Till 2016,many Amazon seller customize to design their style, customize different size. Adapt to the needs of different regions. We start to develop fabrics, customize clothing as per customer’s needs, rapid produce the trendy clothes to help the customer win the market share.

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